As teachers on a community visit, we walked into the lanes of Mandawali, a low income urban settlement. We saw one of our students running around in a beautiful peach dress. We asked her mother where she bought it from to realize it was her own creation. As we moved from door to door, speaking to these unskilled and unemployed mothers, we realized that there lay a huge potential behind those closed doors that wanted to break free.

We connected the dots to identify the problem as the lack of participation of these women in the socio-economic decision making of the household due to lack of knowledge, skill and employment. This had negative repercussions on the child’s education, family’s welfare and community’s development.

This was not a problem limited to ‘Mandawali’, an invisible dot on the map but, widespread across a country like India. Clinton Global initiative validated our findings through a research which stated ‘ when a woman works she directs 90% of her income towards her family as compared to 35% by a man’. But sadly in a country like India, only 28% of women are employed, lowest among BRICS and 7th lowest in the world.

In 2014, we started our journey with a dream called ‘Khwaab’ to financially empower low-income community women by imparting livelihood skills and channelizing their earnings toward their child’s education, family’s welfare and community’s development.


Only 26% of women in India are a part of the workforce.

Our Khwaab

Every Indian woman will have the choice and opportunity to become financially and socially empowered.

Theory of Change


Nurturing 50 women by enabling them to meet their basic needs through organised livelihoods


Enabling 100 women to meet family needs of education, health and financial stability through secured livelihoods


Empowering a network of 500 women to reduce the stigma around a working woman through sustainable livelihoods


​Reaping the fruits of:​

Increased socio-economic participation
Increased standard of living
Reduced stigma

We plant the seeds then, and we look at them now,
The roots are always growin’
No matter if I’m there or never around.
– Nimo Patel


Visit to Barefoot Village, Tilonia
Women to be financially empowered
Skill development for mothers
Exhibitions at corporates and colleges
Strishaala comes alive
Didis become managers



Livelihoods generated with average monthly income of INR 3000


Women skilled in basic and advanced tailoring


Women made financially literate through a women to women model


Women underwent knowledge sessions around education, health & finance

100% women using banks and digital tools like PayTm

100% women saving min INR 200 p.m through group savings

Water Filters, Mobile Phones, LIC, School Fess, House Repair, Loan Repayment

The Team


Pooja Chopra

V. Shruti

Yash Warrier

Annie Dasgupta

Raghav Bhasin
Digital Media

Managers and Consultants

Usha Didi

Sunita Didi

Sheela Didi

Sangeeta Didi
Online Store

Manju Didi

Kesar Didi

Jiwanti Didi

Anjum Didi

Ishaan Anand

RK Rohit
Media Consultant

Esha Khan

‘Now I am able to do so much. I am paying for my kids education and also looking after my personal expenses. I feel like in five years, I will be able to pay for the entire household by myself. ‘
Usha Didi

Enter into the world of Khwaab with this mesmerizing journey of our Khwaab didis. Visualize the day to day at Khwaab and what keeps all of us going ~ togetherness, compassion and perseverance



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