Masks: Make them fashion

Over the last months, we’ve been bystanders watching as the world rapidly transforms
before our eyes. Where sunny days previously saw children playing, they now see bare
streets and empty parks. Where people strolled casually through shopping aisles
brainstorming the next meal to cook their family, they now hurriedly shop for essentials,
equipped with masks, sanitiser, gloves and frantic attempts to keep a 2 meter distance
between themselves and others. Where the future saw hope, it sees now only endless
questions… what will our world look like tomorrow?

COVID-19 is something that has physically separated all of us across the world more than
ever before– And yet, it has brought us all closer than ever. A pandemic spanning the
globe, Coronavirus transcends national and cultural difference, and what we have now is a
shared crisis that bonds us. Yes, our planes are grounded and our doors are shut, but our
hearts have been opened.

This shared crisis has also seen the rise of an accessory familiar for some, but never seen
before in many countries– face masks.

With unprecedented demands for standard disposable masks being placed on stores, it’s
not unlikely that you’ll leave empty handed when next trying to stock up. With face masks
becoming the hottest and most hygienic accessory of 2020, why not try investing in one
that’s not only beautiful, but reusable and ethical?

While many of us have been instructed to work from home, women in poverty-stricken
areas of India such as Mandawali have no option but to flee to villages, take out
extortionate loans– Or, sadly, to go without.

Our vision at Khwaab is stronger than ever: to empower women living in low income urban
settlements. This is achieved by giving more livelihood opportunities and the chance to
become more socially and financially independent. The global demand for masks has
generated more income for our women who manufacture them with love, beauty, and the
greatest standards of regulated hygiene.

Not only do buyers have the option to purchase their choice of 2 different embellished
prints, but the option to donate plainer sets of 25 masks for distribution with every donation
of INR 500. 50% of profits go to the female artisans, 40% towards local fabric vendors, and
10% towards empowered female managers.

You could see out your 2020 fashion opportunity with a mass-produced blue and white
face mask… OR, you could make a real difference to real people, the environment, and
those without access to purchasing masks themselves by choosing to shop Khwaab.
Make this year matter by making good choices– face to toe.

Written by – Sophie van den Bogaerde


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