Combating the Pandemic with Social Solidarity

The women of Khwaab fought all odds to undertake production of masks staying at home. The masks were being shipped to various parts of the country.

We realised that there were people suffering locally too who we needed to reach.  So we collaborated with our local government officials for distribution of masks to the vulnerable. 

On 27/04/2020, we did our first round of distribution with a group of 198 Safai Karamcharis in Mandawali. This was followed by mask distribution in schools alongside meals and ration undertaken by the Delhi Government. 

Those following days of public interaction was an eye opener for Sheela didi, Jeevanti didi, Sangeeta didi and myself. We saw the harsh realities under which people were trying to stay alive. From rag pickers to rickshaw pullers, from children to the physically challenged, people came for basics- many without anything to cover their face. They all were ecstatic to receive our handmade masks.  We distributed masks to a large number of people of whom most were now without jobs or without pay for over 50 days. 

With the help of our generous donors we hope to keep up our efforts of creating livelihood for Khwaab women and continue the distribution of masks to those who are at highest risk.

Annapoorna Dasgupta
Growth Manager

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